What is Coming Back To Center?

First launched in 2012, Coming Back to Center is a series of workshops that aims to expand our capacity to move through life from a place of awareness, intentionality and balance. In other words, to improve our
ability to be centered while we’re pulled in many directions by the drift of life, making purposeful choices that are aligned with what we care about most rather than reacting automatically and feeling overwhelmed
by circumstances.

Our claim 

Our claim is that being centered is more than just a concept or an idea. It’s a felt sense, a bodily experience that lives first at a molecular level, and this state can be learned, developed and practiced.

Our methodology is a unique blend of Somatic Coaching – primarily based on the Strozzi Institute methodology of Embodied Learning Expressive Arts and Horses.This is a holistic approach where concepts are introduced and then experienced through physical practice; the result leads to sustainable transformation through new actions and behaviors that are more aligned with what you care about.

Our methodology


We begin with the claim that learning is the ability to take actions that were previously unavailable to us. Secondly, we offer a new interpretation of the body that is fundamental to learning. This interpretation challenges the rationalistic tradition, the dualism of mind and body that our educational system has maintained over the past three hundred years. 

Expressive Arts is the use of the five art disciplines dance, drama, music, visual arts, and poetry to help individuals explore themselves through spontaneous discovery and enables people to understand themselves, their emotions through art by moving into the creative process. It uses the arts as its basis for discovery and change.


Working with horses is one of the most direct and rapid ways to building awareness about one’s own energetic presence and leadership style. Horses respond to clarity of direction, honesty and openness.Horses, without judgment or agenda, can open your eyes to what is working for you and others, approach challenges and strive to achieve goals.

Workshop Announcements 

Why Join?

Learning how to come back to center under pressure, be responsive and not reactive, lead teams, organizations and your own life in a more powerful and effective way.