Coming Back to Center is a series of experiential workshops that aims to expand our capacity to move through life from a place of awareness, intentionality and balance. In other words, to improve our ability to be centered while we’re pulled in many directions by the drift of life, making purposeful choices that are aligned with what we care about most rather than reacting automatically and feeling overwhelmed by circumstances.

Our claim is that being centered is more than just a concept or an idea, it’s a felt sense, a bodily experience that lives first at a cellular level, and that this state can be learned, developed and practiced. The first step of the process will be to develop an awareness of our own resistances and contractions, exploring our automatic responses when we are under stress or under pressure. Understanding what triggers us and how we experience that trigger in the body, is a fundamental step to open up to new, broader possibilities.

Once we have heightened our level of awareness and attention to our habitual responses, we will move into practices that will expand our emotional and physical capacity to stay balanced, generating a new shape of being that embodies our full potential and allows us to come back to center faster.

Centering as a practice builds the “muscle” and skill of being present, open and connected to what we care about. It builds stronger presence. It supports us as we are mobilized towards our vision and longing and at the same time it mobilizes others to support us stay on mission.

Coming Back to Center is for anyone who is interested in becoming a more effective leader of others, teams, organizations or of their own life.

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