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‘The lifelong path of self-cultivation is a cornerstone in developing wisdom, compassion and skillful action. Self-cultivation ultimately leads to that which is beyond the self.’
-Richard Strozzi-Heckler
Our open workshops are for individuals who are on a path of self cultivation, want to embody their full potential, connect with their core, authentic self and take new actions that will lead to a more fulfilling existence. In essence to lead life rather than being led by it.
Our workshops can be taken in isolation to generate stronger awareness or as a track that will produce new skills and competencies that will become embodied. 


How to connect to your longing and move towards the future that you have declared.  This is our regular spring edition aimed to people from all walks of life who wish to reconnect with their longings and dreams and want to understand what gets in the way in moving forward towards their vision. Through somatics, expressive arts and the powerful connection with horses we build awareness on our historical shape, what are our habitual behaviours which don’t longer serve us, and how to move to choice and generate new possibilities in our life.


A deeper understanding of how we behave under pressure and how to generate new behaviours and actions that will serve us best.

During this time of harvest we focus on what fruits have come to life and what still needs to be nurtured and cultivated, what is getting in the way and how we can make the necessary shifts in order to move towards the future that we want to declare.


Coming Back To Center – Silence, Stillness and Spaciousness – is a mindfulness workshop which aims to enable participants find their inherent perfection through the doorways of stillness, silence and spaciousness. We explore how to find an internal source of joy and peace, how to become friends with stillness and silence, how to become friends with one’s own body and mind, learning to “be” rather than “do”.

We discover ways to stay in the present moment, to be open, curious and connected to ourselves, others and the world. We stay in the question of what it takes to be in love with life, how to keep the sense of excitement and participation to the miracle of life which unfolds before us every day.

We use art, music, poetry, movement to express our creativity and imagination, we partner with nature to connect with what is beyond the self, the little “I”, allowing broader conversations and connect with what we might call spirit.


We are so practiced in showing our business or social persona that it has almost become our second nature. Keeping up a shield under the pretence that it will allow us to be efficient and productive comes with the cost of losing authenticity and often loosing contact with our own life force and joy for life. This workshop helps let go of our mask, integrate our shadow shadow parts, be more authentic and fulfilled.”


Coming Back To Center –  Finding Your Lighthouse – workshop is dedicated to the Millenials, age 20 and 30 years old, a generation that is at a cross road with important life decisions around their careers, their purpose, how to have impact in the world, who to trust, love and follow and how to lead. This is a time where they have set sails for the open sea and need to navigate these waters skilfully in order to reach harbour.

Coming Back to Center represents an opportunity to find a lighthouse that will help them move forward with excitement and a strong sense of direction.


Giving voice to the evolutionary wisdom of the body. Designed for the over 65, the is a workshop where we will explore what it takes to move through life with the disposition to find truth and the optimum judgement to what action should be taken in any given circumstance. In other words what it means to walk through life with wisdom. We will introduce and explore a new notion of wisdom, one that integrates the intelligence of the entire body and does not rely exclusively on our cognitive self.