Bıoenergetıc Therapıst

Raffaele is a Psychologist and Psychotherapist trained under distinguished therapists such as Jules Grossman, Alexander Lowen, and John Pierrakos. After completing his studies in Bioenergetics Therapy at San Francisco State University, he received a certification by The International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis of New York in recognition for his cutting edge research and experience in the field.
His original therapeutic method called “Emotional Psychotherapy” unfolded through his first book ‘Express your Emotions and Live Better’ (1996). As president of the Jules Grossman Institute of Naples, he leads courses and workshops of ‘Emotional Education for Emotions & Feelings®’ and ‘Existential Memorization Trainings®’, teaching his methodology to Institutes of Humanistic psychology, Italian and European companies.During the past decades, he has also explored and deepened his study of memory with his second book Emotional Memory (2005), written dozens of scientific publications and hundreds of scientific and popular articles.In his private and professional life, Raffaele holds a strong dedication to music as a medium to heal and restore. As an avid connoisseur of both classic and contemporary sounds, he strives to use music to design therapeutic experiences which move and awaken the emotions of his audience.In 2015, with the launch of his third book ‘Emotions and Energy’ he is focusing on how might we save our personal energy from the negative and draining impact of inner conflicts and past outer conditionings”.He is a proud father of two: Alice and Luca; dividing his time between city and country life with his life and work companion Gabriella.